I provide services as a consulting and testifying expert witness, consultant, and thought leader. These include:

Consulting and testifying expert witness

Since 2002, I have worked as a consulting and testifying expert witness.

As a consulting expert working on litigation and investigatory matters, I assist clients with strategic planning and execution, selection of e-discovery service providers and software, cost and risk assessment and containment, and oversight of e-discovery activities.

As a testifying expert witness, I offer my expert opinions via reports, in depositions, and at hearings in Federal and state courts and at arbitrations throughout the country on a broad range of e-discovery and related issues. Topics have covered every component of the EDRM diagram from Information Governance through Presentation as well as Volume and Relevance.

I also serve as a 30(b)(6) witness, special master, and advisor to courts.

Thought leadership

Since 2003 I have helped e-discovery service and software providers and similar organizations with a wide range of thought leadership activities.

Conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, and similar events – On everything for one-hour webinars to multi-day conferences, I assist with planning, including topic development and speaker selection; preparation, including working with speakers on content and presentation; and execution, often as co-chair, moderator, or speaker.

Papers, articles, posts, and other written materials – I prepare branded and white label white papers, articles, and posts. Topics have covered a broad range of e-discovery and related issues.

Surveys – I conduct surveys, akin to the Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey (2003-2009), but on a smaller, more targeted basis. I assist with developing survey topics, formulating survey instruments, recruiting participants, executing surveys, and analyzing and presenting results.

Strategic consulting and product development

I help corporate, law firms, and service and software providers clients define strategic objectives, often with a focus on developing, expanding, or refocusing their service or software offerings. I work with them to chart paths toward achieving those objectives, and assist them as they execute on their plans.

Examples include:

For Midwestern law firm evaluating whether to restructure its e-discovery and litigation support function, performed analysis of current structure and prepared recommendations for personnel and process changes.
For corporate legal department, performed assessment of e-discovery personnel, practices, and technologies and provided recommendations for improvements with a focus on preservation, collection, early case assessment, and pre-processing.
For software reseller, provided training to sales force to help them better understand e-discovery needs and ways in which e-discovery software programs were able to meet those needs.
For private equity firm, as part of due diligence effort delivered assessments of and recommendations in connection with target provider's personnel, practices, technologies, and client base.
For public government-sponsored enterprise, guided an internal multidisciplinary committee through the process of identifying and selecting software platforms suited to their e-discovery and related needs and budgetary limitations.
For e-discovery software company seeking more structured guidance from clients, created corporate advisory board and assisted in overseeing its implementation and operation.
For Federal agency, provided subject matter expertise in e-discovery technologies and practices, evaluated status of and provided recommendations on improvements to agency's e-discovery capabilities, and evaluated and provided recommendations on improvements to agency's e-discovery guidelines.
For e-discovery provider, conducted a series of customer workshops designed to develop and prioritize ideas for software and service enhancements.
For corporate legal department seeking to determine whether to perform e-discovery work internally or have outside resources perform the work, conducted a study comparing costs and quality of work performed internally, by outside resources, and for similarly situated companies, and delivered a report and recommendation.
For mid-sized Manhattan law firm seeking to expand the scope of its e-discovery and automated litigation support activities, evaluate current status and prepare and deliver recommendations to partnership.
For energy company seeking to expand internal e-discovery capabilities, evaluated status of capabilities and provided staffing and related recommendations.
For e-discovery provider, evaluated current software and service offerings, prepared prioritized recommendations for changes to the offerings, and monitored progress with regular check-ins.
For company entering the e-discovery market, conducted the first extensive survey of e-discovery consumers and providers.