June 18, 2020 Trends

Notes on recent trends in e-discovery, data privacy, and the use of technology to enhance the practice of law

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Announcements, E-Discovery06/17/2020Onna announced it has raised $27M in Series B funding. For a discussion about Onna and what the funding means, see Richard Tromans' Artificial Lawyer article.
Announcements, Privacy06/17/2020TrustArc announced the results of its 2020 Global Privacy BenchMark survey, for which it polled more than 1,500 respondents. Highlights include:
  • Respondents aren't ready to comply with CCPA.
  • They lack adequate technology tools to build privacy programs.
  • Working remotely is creating new privacy challenges.
  • Even as respondents expect revenues to decline due to COVID-19, the still plan on prioritizing privacy-related investments.
  • Privacy mandates are coming from the highest levels in organizations.
For a recap, see Frank Ready's Legaltech News article.
Announcements, Enhancing Practice06/16/2020Litera announced it acquired Bestpractix, an AI-powered contract drafting platform. For a look at the acquisition, go Richard Tromans' Artificial Lawyer article.
Announcements, Enhancing Practice06/16/2020Lex Machina announced it has introduced its COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App. The app provides data and analytics regarding:
  • New total case filings
  • New case filings by practice area
  • Findings, such as court-enforceable determinations
  • Complaints mentioning COVID-19 or related terms.
For additional information, see Victoria Hudgins' Legaltech News article.
Enhancing Practice06/16/2020In-house counsel feel they overspend on outside counsel and intend to reduce that spend, according to a report from In The House and LegalBillReview.com based on 167 survey responses along with anecdotal observations. One way to reduce the spend? Increase efficiency by using technology, noted Dan Clark in a Corporate Counsel article about the report.
E-Discovery06/12/2020For Microsoft 365 eDiscovery practical resources and an overview of M365 plans and licensing options, go to the ACEDS Blog article by Jennifer Knox (Consilio), Edward Lawrence (Consilio), Rahul Chhabra (Schulte Roth & Zabel), and Bruce Malter (Consilio).
Announcements, Enhancing Practice06/11/2020UnitedLex announced it acquired Paul Hasting's data science team and its technology services group, a possibility Paul Hastings says it foresaw when it launched that initiative six years ago.
Announcements, Enhancing Practice06/11/2020Eversheds Sutherland is formally rolling out its alternative legal services provider subsidiary, Konexo, in the United States, wrote Dan Packel in a Legaltech News article. Konexo offers legal, legal resourcing, corporate secretarial, human resources, and financial services.
Announcements, Enhancing Practice06/10/2020In a Legaltech News article, Rhys Dipshan discussed six legal tech companies that received funding this spring:
  • Bodhala, a legal spend analytics platform: $10M
  • BRYTER, a no-code automation tool: $16M
  • Casetext, which recently launched automated legal brief writing software: $8.2M
  • Intelllex, a knowledge management company: $2.1M
  • LawGeex, a contract review platform: $20M
  • LexCheck, a contract review platform: $3M
E-Discovery06/10/2020Cat Casey of DISCO started a recent LinkedIn discussion, "**HOW** did you become a legal tech guru??", with a set of questions and her initial set of luminaries that, at least count, has received 101 comments. If you want to see who has shaped whom in the e-discovery world, check out the discussion.
Privacy06/10/2020In a pair of posts on the ACEDS site, Jason Velasco gave a quick overview of data access subject requests (DSARs): what a DSAR is and basic steps for responding to a DSAR request.
Announcements, E-Discovery06/09/2020Seyfarth announced it launched Seyfarth Scout, "a one-click application service to remotely conduct digital forensic triage, employee investigations, and eDiscovery preservation of remote computers via the internet." For a short discussion about remote collection, go to Victoria Hudgins' Legaltech News article on the topic.
Announcements, Enhancing Practice 06/09/2020ACC announced its 2020 ACC Value Champions. The program, discussed in Dan Clark's American Lawyer article, highlights corporate law departments and their external partners that optimize legal services by embracing creative, data-driven solutions to streamline operations.

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